What is the Jeep Wrangler Smart Door?

jeep wrangler door stopOver the past few years, Star Fabricating has been working hard to make a product that will help the Jeep Wrangler population out there. One of the biggest complaints about any Jeep Wrangler is the the doors.

The door on a Jeep Wrangler does not have any control once it is opened. It swings around wildly and shuts on its own. This can become problem if you are trying to load something into your Jeep.

The smart door is a door stop for Jeep Wranglers, especially the JK. The way it works is, once it is properly installed, it gives two settings to hold the door open. Similar to an average car door, it locks into two open positions allowing you to load whatever you may need into your Jeep, or just giving your door some sort of control.

The jeep wrangler jK smart door is available on our website! Visit today and start enjoying your Jeep even more!

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