Roadwire Leather VS Star Fabricating Leather Interior Kits

Star Fabricating is doing its best to spread the word about the new Race Inspired Interior Leather Kits! There are a few other companies out there selling interior kits, but Star Fabricating has something more to offer than other companies like Roadwire Leather.

Roadwire Leather and interior is another company that sells leather interior. The reason why we recommend our leather kits over others’ is because we know Jeeps. As a Jeep owner ourself, we designed leather interior that are custom to Jeep Wranglers specifically.

That means that you aren’t getting a “one-size-fits-all” leather kit. You are getting an awesome, custom leather seat kit made by a Jeep owner for Jeep owners.

If you own another vehicle besides a Jeep, then yes, go get a Roadwire Interior kit, but if you own a Jeep, then you definitely want a Star Fabricating Leather Interior Kit!

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