Katzkin Leather compared to Star Fabricating Race Inspired Interior

Star Fabricating is new to the leather interior game, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know what we are doing. We specify in awesome leather interior kits that are on par or better than Katzkin Leather that has been doing this for years.

We jumped in and went straight for the kill. Our Napa, genuine Italian leather is sweet to say the least, and our custom designs are inspired directly from Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Hot Rod.

Our awesome leather kits are made specifically to fit your Jeep Wrangler. At Star Fabricating we are all about Jeeps, so we know what Jeep enthusiasts want when they are modifying their ride. Can Katzkin Leather say that about their interior?

I don’t think so!! With all the vehicles they are supplying interior for, they aren’t providing Jeep owners with an awesome leather interior kit with Jeep lovers in mind. As Jeep owners and lovers ourselves, we have personally tricked our Wrangler with Star Fabricating’s Race Inspired Interior Leather seating, and we love it!

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