Jeep Wrangler Door Stop by Star Fabricating!

jeep wrangler door stopWhen you are out in some rough terrain, and getting ready for some off-roading, the last thing on your mind should be your Wrangler’s door stop.

Star Fabricating provides awesome, high-quality material for it’s door stop. That way when you are going over boulders, cruising over sand dunes, or parading through muddy swamps, you can focus 100% on driving!

The Smart Door stop is designed to be rugged like the Jeep Wrangler itself! It is on of the great Jeep Wrangler accessories or add-ons because it gives your Jeep door a locking mechanism so it doesn’t swing out of control during crucial times, or even when you are trying to load some gear in through the door.

No more struggling to hold the door open while you put things in the backseat for those with the new JK! The Jeep Wrangler Smart Door strap extension extends the wires further so you can keep power windows and locks and have door that in stabilized.

Check out Star Fabricating’s new website and order your Smart Door today!

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