History of Jeep Wranglers and How We Got Here!

jeep wrangler smart door stopThe Jeep has been a vehicle of choice for off-roading and liberation travel for over 60 years. The Jeep Wrangler began as a military vehicle in the early 1940′s until a small auto company realized that Jeep could be a popular item for the everyday consumer.

The market for civilian Jeep Wranglers began shortly after. The “Jeep” marketing tactic became popular by other companies that began selling similar durable vehicles.

The Jeep was a sturdy all steel vehicle, with a high ground clearance, large wheels, and a lot of tread. It had a cooling system that was good for hot temperatures and long distance travel.

The Jeep was not always called a Jeep though. Many people think that it came from G.P. or General Purpose vehicles and the name morphed into what it is today.

Star Fabricating had added to the rugged features of the new Jeep by adding a feature that allows you to prevent the Wrangler door from swinging open uncontrollably. The Jeep Wrangler door stop is an awesome accessory for any Jeep Wrangler.

So the history of Jeep can continue to grow and evolve with companies like Star Fabricating and their innovative inventions like the Jeep Wrangler door stop.

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