F1 Leather Seats vs Star Fabricating’s Race Inspired Interior Kits!

leather interior jeep wranglerF1 leather seats are known for having sweet looking seat covers for Jeep Wranglers, and have been doing it for a while. The problem is that there hasn’t been much competition to keep them on their toes and innovative!

Star Fabricating has just released an awesome line of Race Inspired Leather Interior Kits that are definitely going to give F1 Leather a run for their money.

We have four different styles of leather interior that will let you trick out your Jeep inside and out.

Star Fabricating’s owner was not impressed or satisfied with any of the leather kits on the market, and as a life long Jeep Wrangler owner, like many other Jeep owners, he has becoming very particular about what goes on his vehicle.

Eventually, he gave up and decided to make his own line of Leather Interior Kits to meet his and thousands of other unsatisfied Jeep lovers’ needs.

Problem solved!! Finally, a Jeep Wrangler interior kit that meets the standard of a Jeep Owner!

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